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Your Bondi Laser @ Home

Experts specialising in understanding
body hair and skincare

Experts specialising in understanding
body hair and skin care

For a machine that’s much smaller and more affordable than most of its competitors, it works a lot quicker. If you’re eager to see results without having to wait months on end, Bondi Laser is definitely worth the reasonable investment.

– The Independent

Start the simple journey to permanent hair reduction with a Bondi Laser @ Home IPL Hair Removal System. Created with Australian skin science and expert knowledge of body hair growth patterns.

Bondi Wax is London’s premier waxing and hair removal studio. For both men and women, we cover all body hair areas, from the face to your toes, and can support most skin conditions.

The Bondi Cryo Facial Sticks is a quick 4-minute miracle. Use before starting the day or at the end of the day on clean skin. Lifting, firming, revitalising but most noticeably de-puffing those tired eyes. Keep in the freezer.

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About Bondi Laser

Derived From 20 Years Of Waxing Experience, Bondi Laser @ Home Is What You've Been Looking For. A Device That Reduces Unwanted Hair Pain-Free And Permanently.

Getting started with Bondi Laser

If the thought of an at-Home IPL is all too much, watch our short Getting started Video. If you can operate a TV remote, you can use a Bondi Laser.

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Our Story

Bondi Body is the brainchild of Trish Coulton. An Australian native who has specialised in the hair removal industry for over two decades. What works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for another. Bondi Body is educating both men & women on temporary hair removal & permanent hair reduction, finding a solution that works best for you and your skin.