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About Trish

The story of Bondi Body.

‘Growing up in Australia, I spent my life on the beach. Golden sands, turquoise waters. It was an idyllic lifestyle. I lived in a bikini and dealing with unwanted hair was high on my priority list when it came to beauty and grooming. No-one was talking about hair removal back then and so I made it my business. I studied all aspects of body and facial hair – the cycles of hair growth, the changes in hair as we age, how to effectively remove, how to be gentle on the skin. ⁠
I went on to open the first waxing salon in Australia and became known as the ‘hair removal queen’ providing my clients with a discreet, supportive environment to discuss their hair removal needs. Think bikini, underarm, legs, the back, the chin. Hair grows in loads of unusual places! And this can be very stressful for our clients. Our job at Bondi Body is to take the stress out of the equation. ⁠
When I moved to the LONDON 12 years ago, I brought the Australian waxing technique to my salon in Fulham. Hair removal issues are the same for women and men wherever we live and my research translated to this new and exciting market. ⁠
As the needs of my customer grew so did my company.  Salon treatments evolved into at home treatments and I introduced the laser@home in 2015 to great acclaim. The laser@home put the control back into my clients hands, which has been particularly important over the past few years given the COVID world we have been living in. ⁠
I love talking about hair removal. At the heart of it, it’s all about FREEDOM. The freedom to feel strong and positive wherever you are and whatever you are wearing – on the beach, in the bed, at lunch, at the gym. That’s what we do here at Bondi Body. We create this beautiful sense of freedom for our clients.’⁠
Trish Coulton⁠
Founder/Hair Removal Queen⁠

I have over two decades of professional hair removal experience. I brought the Australian waxing technique to London in 2010, when I opened London’s only go-to waxing studio, Bondi Wax in Fulham.

The industry is moving towards permanent hair reduction and by using my extensive knowledge of body hair cycles and hormonal hair growth patterns, in 2018 I developed an At-Home permanent hair reduction solution – Bondi Laser @ Home.

What works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for another. Bondi Body is about educating both men & women on temporary hair removal & permanent hair reduction, finding a solution that works best for you and your skin.